‘ello lads and ladies.

I know, I know, I haven’t updated this in WAY TOO LONG. So here’s an update of things.

I have a new comic out– a science fiction story written by my husband and drawn by me, here’s a little info on it!

It’s about a young woman named Arisia Randir who is stuck in the worst relationship of her life. To escape, she pays for her own kidnapping. Things seem to be going according to plan until she wakes up and discovers that she is all alone on the Brochet Swimmer, the cargo ship that was her means of escape. As she begins to explore the ship, she hears her name called over the intercom.

It’s a 44-page comic, in COLOR (well, it’s one color, bluuue) if you want a preview of the first few pages, go here.

and if you want to BUY said comic, well, you can go here!

Thank you so much!! I’m starting a webcomic next month so be on the look out for updates on that!! If you want to see what else I’ve been doing art wise, go to my website and click around the galleries!!