Too long. I’d like to keep updating this but it’s been a crazy few months. Holidays and all. So what is new, let’s see, let’s see. I finished a few comics for some anthologies coming out next year and also one that already came out in November. I participated in 24-Hour Comic Day, and you can read it all right here. I’m actually in the middle of redrawing it because for some reason some effects didn’t come through. I also liked the story enough to take a bit more time to work on layouts and such. I’ll have it for print at the 2012 conventions that I’ll be attending.

I reprinted Puddles (not using Moxicopy) and am super pleased with the results. So I’ll also have that at conventions. Pictures!

Nothing got trimmed too much or completely cut off–and no ugly ink splotches and printer lines! I had used Moxicopy because they were cheap, and I got what I payed for–now they are about the same as everyone else so I had no problems finding a new printer. I found Indigo Ink Digital Printing a while ago and the process was very quick and painless. Definitely recommend them and I’ll definitely use them again.

Oh, here’s a picture of Unite and Take Over, one of the anthologies I have a comic in–written by the lovely Kayla Cagan.



Also busy working on a comic pitch, so we will see what comes of that. Details on that with be at a later date.

Started using a real brush to ink stuff instead of a brush pen and so far I’m liking the results. Though, she’s a tad cross-eyed.

The cold will do that to you.

Anyway, I hope you all had a good holiday season, whatever you may celebrate. I’m going to try to update this and my other site more often.