I will try my best to touch on everything, though nothing is guaranteed, such a busy weekend!

Friday, as I said, was Drink and Draw like a Lady! It was a blast! It was an honor to get there early and help out the lovely Lucy Knisley with the set-up.

I went last year and had a great time and met some awesome ladies, and of course this time it was no different! I even got to catch up with folks that I met last year, and they are all still making AWESOME comics. I also met the 14 year-old comic wonder, Emma T Capps, who is running circles around most of us comic folk! She even had a table at MoCCA! She’s pretty amazing now, I can’t imagine the success stories we will hear about her years to come. Also, thanks to Lucy, we even had a photobooth, check out the pics here.

After a sort of restless night, MoCCA arrives, bright and early. We head over to the armory and set up our stuff. We shared a table with Orion Wertz, a spectacular comic artist. It was quite a pleasure to have an awesome table mate. On the right of us we also had another awesome comic/fashion pair. Mindy Fisher and Kelly D. Pelka. Both lovely ladies, I recommend you take a look!

Our lovely table half. :)

We also got the awesome opportunity to meet the awesome Justin Peterson and Lee Bretschneider. I love them and you will too, I guarantee it! Go check them out. We went out to the Shake Shack after the festivities, where it seemed most of MoCCA went also. Long lines but yummy food, it was WELL worth the wait. Really wanted a shake but damn it was freezing. Next year. I gave away two free copies of Puddles to girls who were wearing wellies! It was pretty awesome, the one girl actually had a cat named Maggie, she was also dressed up sort of the like Maggie from the comic, so yeah, it must have been fate.

Sunday was much of the same, minus the yummy Shake Shack food…but we saw a lot of good people, and I was fortunate enough to stop by a few tables that I wanted to hit. Unfortunately, I missed a lot of tables, and I missed out on buying a LOT of stuff. BOO. But, it was great to see the folks I did get to see, and thankfully there is always next year. Though, considering our limited table browsing, I’d say we made out like bandits. See below!

I shouldn’t need to buy any reading material for the next few months I’d say…Most of what is there is either stuff we bought or traded.  Tons! There would be more if it was a longer festival, but alas, only two days. Thanks to everyone for coming out to see us, and I can’t wait for next year! You guys are all freaking awesome.

Oh, and look for a comic update later!