MoCCA is this weekend! I’m completely zonked already from prepping and I haven’t even gotten into the city yet.

First things first. Friday night I’ll be at Drink and Draw Like  a Lady! If you’re a lady and like/make/letter/edit comics you’re invited! More info here!

Lucy Knisley was kind enough to ask me to do the illustration for this years invite!

On Saturday and Sunday, Paul and I will be at table G17! We are sharing a table with another fellow. So here’s the big MoCCA map, thanks to Paul for labeling it for me.

Paul will be selling the latest issue of Supertown and a mini comic involving Awesome Man and Shorebird, also of the Supertown world. As most of you know I finally finished Puddles and after a month of waiting to get it printed, it arrived on Monday! Have a look-see!

In addition to Puddles, I will also have …And Now All Day She Glows a VERY short comic based on a song by my brother Leema Mountain. (it will be free with a purchase of Puddles at MoCCA) You can listen to it HERE.

So there we have it! Also at our table we’ll have buttons. A bunch of super random buttons…

Well folks! That’s it, see you all at MoCCA!!

Listening to: Paul play Costume Quest.