I’ve been on an especially huge Harry Potter kick lately. Probably started when I came back from Hogwarts while on my honeymoon and also because of starting my new job (back in November)– as I’ve taken to rereading the books during my lunch breaks. Right now I’m in the middle of book five–

Also, as a sort of practice for drawing comics–I’ve been picking random scenes from book five to draw, so here we have the end of page 499 into 500. Like I said, random scenes.

At any rate, I’ll be able to finish the entire series before the conclusion of the second part of the seventh movie.

Ginny and Harry–hmm. Well, I will say that I do enjoy Ginny much more in the books than in the movies–the movies don’t really give her much of a personality.

I never really did get to post pictures from the honeymoon, of Hogwarts, so I guess now is a good a time as any:

Standing with our house flags. Ha!

Anyway, some comic updates–I finished Puddles, I just have to draw the cover and little inserts–and it will be for sale at MoCCA and probably earlier online (just need to figure out how I’m going to do that). Just finished a comic for charity, and I will continue to do more comics as Paul and I are working on something together also. And who knows, maybe I’ll do more random Harry Potter scenes in comic form. Thanks for looking!

Watching- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince–(I know, I know!)