OK, so most of you know Paul and I got married! We spent a wonderful week at Coronado Springs in Orlando, not to mention we got to go to Hogwarts (you just KNOW there will be a comic about that). Can’t spoil too much–but in short it was a blast–and now we’re back in the cold, rainy northeast. Back to jobs and all that garbage! Speaking of jobs, I got one! It’s a nice 9-5 which leaves me plenty of time to work on comics–(puddles is almost done in terms of pencils! So be on the lookout for updates on that!)

Figure I will share a few pictures, eh? These were all taken by my lovely photographer Ting Yi and her assistant.


Pretty self-explanatory, yes? Anyway, thanks for stopping by, look for more comic updates here, or go on twitter, I never shut up there.

Also, check out Paul’s blog, he posted a comic about the wedding itself. It’s adoooooorable, as always.

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