Whew, I’m in the midst of moving and getting ready to get married so comics have become less of something I get to sit down to do, and more something I have to rush to do. The pencils for Puddles are 30% complete! I hope to get a few more pages drawn before the wedding. In the meantime, while my drawing table is covered in papers, I get to work in the guest room on the cramped computer table which leaves only enough space for the tablet.

So here we have some sketches from the graphic novel I’ve been working on. This is Willow Sparks, the protagonist.

Please excuse the quick sketchy-ness.

Anyway, most of my characters for this are completely panned out, but here we have Willow, who has gone through a few revamps, though not much different than this. My first blonde, pimple-speckled lead. She wears the same thing every single day, and despite this, she wants to be popular? Hm, stupid kids. Anyway, I’ll probably do another sketch tomorrow of her best friend, Georgia Pratt.

Night, folks.

Edit: Also, SHEESH I forgot to link to Kelly’s article on Ladies Comics Project! Reason being? Well, it’s awesome, and also, I did the main illustration for the post! Go check it out (click the picture!) and you’ll see the rest of the image. Thanks, guys!!