It’s AUGUST already? Sheesh.

So I’ve been busy doing comics and commissions, not to mention the enormous pile of wedding planning that still needs to be figured out. I think all we need to do now is figure out the florist situation, mail invites, get our marriage license, and jeez, it seems for every one thing we accomplish we have about 15,000 other things to do.

Comic wise, I did a short anthology piece and here is a jumbled preview of it:

What a mess! Well, it was fun to do, and was actually pretty relaxing. Now that it’s over, I can focus on “Puddles” (finally) and tweak the script for the untitled 100+ pager. More updates on those to come!

In other creative news, Lima. released a brand new album for FREE. 8 songs, and they are all pretty damn awesome. I think the CD has been in my car stereo for a week now. You can find this free and awesome download here:

Listening to: Get Nude and Take Some Time- Lima.