Poor George, he will be missed. Sadly, most of what I knew about him as a kid was from Seinfeld.

This is most certainly not the only time this has happened, but it’s the first time in a while. One time I dreamt of crying blood only to find that morning when I was watching the news there was a statue of Mary crying blood in Sacremento, another time I kept dreaming of a huge tidal wave and while working on my comic I heard on the TV in the background about a huge tidal wave going over some highway. (Maybe I should stop watching TV?)

Apparently there is some malarky that we are all kind of psychic in very small amounts. Maybe this is true, and maybe that’s why this is happening–either way it kind of weirds me out. Just little coincidences I suppose.

And it’s the middle of July, which means 3 MONTHS LEFT. Holy crap. That is all.

Listening to: Dreamline– Rush

Thanks to: http://stepsoversnails.deviantart.com/ for the font!