No work and…. no work, make Tara… something, something.

I called last Friday and asked for the schedule. Whichever lovely lady I talked to, said I had a shift today from 12-5. Boy, were they wrong.

They really need to clarify these dumb shifts as ON CALL, which they usually do, this has only happened once before, but I’ve never actually gotten there and they tell me that they didn’t need me. So, we’re supposed to call two hours before hand, shouldn’t they think, if they don’t hear from a person, that HEY maybe they thought they were actually on today…maybe I’ll call them just to make sure. OI VEY. I work with nice people, but I never work so I’d rather just get a new job. Sorry folks, sorry you have to hear me grumble and gripe about work. I put in some applications so here’s hoping.

I also updated the site layout. Not sure I’m crazy about it, since all the links and twitter stuff is Alllllllll the way down at the bottom of the page. Hmm. So let me take this time to say, go down to the bottom of the page, take a gander at some of those links! Follow me on twitter for even more angry sentiments about my work life, or non work life. (Who would want that???)

Listening to:  I’m Not Angry- Elvis Costello