Did I mention comics?

So yeah, as many of you know, especially those who read this or follow my twitter, I’m working on a mini-comic as well as a pitch for a graphic novel.

I will be starting to draw the mini this week, it’s called Puddles and it’s about a girl named Maggie, a middle grade student who enjoys jumping in puddles with her wellies. I decided to get working on it since I need some practice working on paneling, transitions and over all pacing. I have the roughs done for the most part, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be changing things and tweaking things as I draw. It’s roughly 30-ish pages and hopefully I’ll have it printed by the fall.

A little peek of the madness

I’ve also been working on a book pitch, which is untitled, and will be for awhile. The working title is Hello, Ordinary, but I don’t particularly care for it that much. It’s a fairly dark YA graphic novel about a girl named Willow Sparks. She’s a bit of a nerd (aren’t we all) and is down and out on herself wishing she could be that popular girl. Joined with her long-time friend Georgia Pratt, they brave sneers, pranks and dodge balls. Focusing on the dark side of popularity and the materialism of the teenage way of life, not to mention, follow the leader, who happens to be a bitch. So here, we have Willow, I’ve neglected her for a few months, sorry, Willy!

I’ll be posting progress and such, I figure I should finish writing the darned thing (yeah, I know) and then submit my 20 page proposal to… someone? Whoever, either way, this is something that I’ve been working on for about 10 months, and I want to finish it, someday! Thanks for reading, folks.

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