The bra in question is the new “Miraculous” bra by Victoria’s Secret. I hadn’t heard much about it, but I need a new bra, and holy @*&% this was not it. This bra is not intended for women with breasts, even ladies with an A cup would look ridiculous in this bra. I won’t share my letters, but the fact that the bra even comes in my size is just asinine. I figured, well if it’s in my size, it must do something good! WRONG.  Long story short, there’s nothing miraculous about it. The ladies modeling these bras indeed look nice, but it’s probably because their ladies are fake. (Sorry, guys.)

I know, I know, I shouldn’t continue to shop there (especially considering I worked there for 4 years…) but they really are the only place that carries my size (unfortunately). Anyway, the search continues. Wow, so mundane, posting comics about bra shopping… hopefully the dream comics will start up again once I stop dreaming about being back at school doing loads of work… (yeah, thankfully I’m not drawing comics about all those dreams, I know, dare I say it, this could be more boring!) :)

EDIT: Oh god, I guess it could be worse–apparently some of the bras at Victoria’s now have nipples in them. I’m officially disgusted…

Listening to: Oogum Boogum– Brenton Wood (seriously, such a catchy tune)