So here we have some concept art for Puddles a mini-comic I’ve been working on and hope to have finished by the end of the summer. Maggie is of course the main character, and I’ll say Neena is also a main character. You see them more than anyone, I’d say. Maggie’s mom is only seen in the first few panels of the comic and the townsfolk don’t really get names so they are fairly minor.

I just finished the final script for this and I sent it over to Pauly to take a final look over, sometimes he can give me more insight to my writing, and what I need to explain and so on. SO once I get that, I can start thumbnails. I already have the cover thought out which is a godsend, as it seems I can never think of covers. So anyway, progress for that will be posted here as well as previews and maybe some roughs! Thanks for looking!

…and, here’s a random David Bowie sketch.

So there we have it, night folks, off to do more drawings! I finally got my drawing table cleared off!

Listening to (watching): Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory