A few updates on things that have been going on.

-I graduated from college! After 5 years I’m finally done. I majored in Art Education, and unfortunately, thanks to NJ’s governor, it will be awhile before I actually get a job in that field. I will be working my retail job until I get married in October, or until I start subbing in September. Between that, I will be working on comics, of course!

-I became an AUNT! :) My brother and his wife just had twins last Friday! Rose and Jude, they are the most adorable little babies ever! (and not just because I’m their auntie!)

This is a picture of me and Jude after my hooding ceremony :)

-More updates about comics! I plan on working on my mini comic which features Maggie, also known as the drawing at the beginning of this post. It won’t be too long, perhaps around 20 pages or so, nothing too crazy. I also plan on in between working on the graphic novel I’ve been working on, it’s also untitled. I have such a terrible time naming things. It wouldn’t be the worst thing to save until last.

-I’m also busy planning my wedding, it’s a little bit exhausting, but I got my dress and I go for my first fitting in July!

Whew, look for more comic updates and drawings here over the next few days as I work on the Save the Date for the wedding.

Listening to: Us and Them– Pink Floyd.