So I redrew the MoCCA comic, I wasn’t happy with the old one because I rushed it! So here is a brand-new yet very similar view of MoCCA 2010 from me. (Please click to see a bigger picture!) We met a ton of awesome people, as you can see, and I didn’t get to draw all the people I met, but you were all worth meeting and I just adore you all!

First of all, Friday started with a bang at the Drink and Draw Like  a Lady! There I met some awesome cartoonists such as Lucy Knisley, Hope Larson and Raina Telgemeier. I also was graced with the wonderful artwork of people I didn’t know of (and now I’m kicking myself for not being aware of their awesome work before!

Like Ami Bogin! She has adorable artwork, be sure to check it out. If I met you and I didn’t mention your site or you, that would be because I left my big stack of business cards at Paul’s! I’ll update this when I have all the information; I know I’m forgetting KEY people, and for that I smack my wrists.

And of course, Kelly Thompson of 1979 Semi-Finalist was there, a good friend who I finally got to meet face-to-face. She also wrote a wonderful article on the whole shindig! You can read it here.

Saturday was just as wonderful! We got to MoCCA around 1 p.m. One of the first tables I immediately went to was Comics Bakery and Hope Larson and Soda Pop Comic’s table. Were I bought Mercury, which was wonderful by the way, and NOT just because the main character was named Tara. I also bought two comics from Soda Pop Comics, they were adorable and beautifully colored and drawn! Paul had Smile signed by Raina and she drew us an adorable little picture inside <3 and while it took us a while, we finally found Lucy who signed Paul’s copy of French Milk. I also bought her book “Make yourself Happy” which was pretty awesome, a nice collection of hourlies mixed with other wonders; it was a great read. I actually read all the comics I got THAT night that I got back from MoCCA, I just couldn’t put them down!

I also met Nathan Schreiber famed for Power Out. I meant to buy one of the excellently made comics, but alas I ran out of money. Poo.

Paul and I met Pranas of InkDick, his girlfriend Amy who is on twitter as AmyBites and is adorable (!) and BoxBrown of Bellen! fame. They were wonderfully nice and surprisingly they knew who we were, I suppose we draw ourselves pretty true to life ;) It was an awesome place with awesome people and I can’t wait to go next year, and hopefully have a table (shared with my Pauly of course). I already have tons of stuff planned out already, I just hope I get a chance to do it!! Here’s hoping.

I also got an adorable little octopus who I affectionately call Septopus, he only has 7 tentacles, and was deemed the ugly unwanted one, so of course, I had to buy him!!! I on the other hand, find him absolutely adorable. Yes.

Thank you all for looking. Septopus sends his love.

Listening to, well, watching- HOUSE M.D. It’s a NEW episode. Finally!