Last night my whole house was shaking due to the wind and rain. Since it’s such an old building the slightest draft will cause the windows to creak, and since last night was like a monsoon you can only imagine the noise that went on.

It was loud enough to wake me up after a crazy dream. I seem to have a lot of dreams about tornadoes, and I’m not really sure why…time to get a dream dictionary, I guess. So, yeah, the fourth panel, sorry, it looks a little naughty but it’s not supposed to–what other way can you have two people crammed into a bathtub?! We are clothed, too, so get your mind out of the gutter, though I will admit mine was there first.

–Can you tell I had a bit too much fun with sound effects??

Anyhoo, the reason I have been terrible at updating this thing is because I’m student teaching–I’m slightly surprised that I was able to actually do something productive today but I needed to draw and I need to draw more often because it’s a wonderful stress relief. A nice relief to the stress that teaching is very capable of. I only have about 5 weeks left at this placement and it’s kind of sad because I basically have only 5 classes more with these kids and they are all pretty great kids (most of them, heh heh heh). SO yeah, that has taken a big chunk out of my time but I’m OK with that since well, I need to graduate.

Also, wedding bells! Paul and I have set the date but we haven’t really made an OFFICIAL announcement. We will soon enough, yes we will. We have the church, the reception hall and the DJ. So slowly but surely things are starting to get done! We have pre cana on the 13th of February and I’m not really sure what to expect! Has anyone ever done it? Give us a heads up!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, enjoy the strip!

Listening to: Here, There, and Everywhere– The Beatles