As most of you  may have noticed, Paul proposed! You can go witness it here.

Between the projects for school I managed a little comic myself in response to Pauly’s.

Of course I said YES!

It was such a wonderful surprise and it really turned a crappy day into an oh-so spectacular day! I couldn’t be happier and I swear I’ve been in my own little world over the past few days because of it. We made a LOT of phone calls that night–and then we went to Perkins for a late-night breakfast. (I could eat breakfast anytime.)


I’m done with school for the semester and now I have to get ready for student teaching as well as working on a small submission to an anthology ran by some comic friends.

Listening to: Calico Skies– Paul McCartney

Update: Whitney Matheson of Pop Candy posted an adorable little article about Paul and I. Go check it out!