weird copy

I really felt this worked better without text. All I remember about this dream was running on a narrow ramp with someone in a creaky old wheelchair following me. Supposedly this hallway was haunted and this person, whoever they were, was mad at me for trespassing. There was people in front of me, and I guess they made a leap of faith also, but unfortunately the hallway ended and I had no other choice but to jump, so I did.  Then I woke up. Very weird, as usual, some of my dreams have been so strange and disturbing I couldn’t draw them. I added the high contrast last minute–for fun?



I like them both, I guess. I’m out of practice with my dream comics! Whoops. The high contrast was mainly due to the lack of nice art in the last two panels. I leap like a crazy person, I suppose.

Listening to: Do the Math!– Kupek