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I went to the city with my mom, my sister, her boyfriend and my boyfriend, for my mom’s birthday.  Our first stop off the path was ground zero, which I actually have never seen. Soon after we made our way to Strawberry Fields and the Dakota building. It was absolutely heart wrenching, there were people all around putting down flowers and taking pictures, not to mention singing. The man in the comic was explaining to his wife who John Lennon was and he started singing.  The whole moment was really quite surreal and I just kept snapping pictures. Unfortunately I don’t have the cord for my camera so those pictures will be on my camera for a while.

It was beautiful.  When we left we had to go to the subway entrance which was right by the Dakota building where John lived and was killed. I had to extend my hand and touch the building as we went down. Damn, that man did such great things, I can only imagine what more he could have done if his life wasn’t ripped away.