They say dreams about teeth are the most common? I don’t know but I’ve had my share of them.  Most of them consist of me still having braces or pulling out my teeth strung in a line.  Oddly enough, the last dream dealing with the vampire business, I wasn’t sucking any blood, most of it was coming out of my mouth.  I think it’s more of a reference to when I was young and I had two teeth that were being pushed upward because I had too many teeth in my mouth, so them being so prominent, I looked like a vampire. It made dressing up for halloween a snap.

Who else has had dreams about teeth? Maybe they aren’t as common as they say.

Also, anyone who knows what the name of this post is from gets an A+ in my book.

I haven’t been updating as often as I would like, but unfortunately I haven’t really had any dreams to record, or ones that I can at least remember, so that’s why it’s been a little slow around here.  Also, I’m working on a full length comic, which you will be hearing about sooner than later. Thanks for droppin’ by.

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