Ok, I hope that made a little bit of sense.  This piece was done fairly quickly, I just kind of wanted to do something and finish it, I need some kind of satisfaction.  As an animal lover, this was kind of hard to draw, the last page especially, but I’ve never drawn a vulture before, so may as well try.  I apologize for my poorly rendered car/truck, I didn’t use a reference because it was just something that would have frustrated me further doing this little project.  So yeah, it’s running on what seems to be a flat tire! Oh well.  This is kind of based on a true story, I was driving (not running, ha!) and I saw a vulture eating something, he didn’t seem to want to move so I beeped my horn at him, still nothing.  I drove a little further only to be passed by truck going about 70 in a 50, I had a bad feeling, and I wasn’t about to turn around to make sure he wasn’t hit, because if he didn’t move for me, I doubt he moved at all. Ugh.  It is a bit ironic, though.

The title doesn’t really mean much, it was just the song I was listening to when I decided to give it a title.  Good Pink Floyd song, and it actually kind of fit pretty well.

Anyway, this was just a bit of practice for me, so thank you for looking.

Listening to: Good Book– Kupek