I need a bit of advice.  I did a really quick sketch and a really quick toning job using two techniques. The first technique is just coloring with grays and then using the halftone filter.

easytoneMeh, that’s the gist of it, it’s kind of messy because I was rushing.  The other technique was using tones I downloaded from psychobob’s website.  Again, rushed, my apologies, just kind of want to get the gist of how it would turn out.


I prefer the plainness of this one, but it is annoying to apply and looks blocky if I’m not careful, stupid lasso tool.  I got some moire in there, I gotta be aware of that, it gives me the biggest headache to look at.  Anyway, let me know what you think, much appreciated!

Thoughts, thoughts?

Listening: There’s Always Someone Cooler Than You– Ben Folds