Picture 2

Thoughts? Concerns? I’ll take ’em.

This is an intro page, so I don’t know why I’m going nuts over it. I’m obviously not done with it yet, just wondering why I dislike it. Tell me why I dislike it.  I just added the tree in cause I thought it needed something, now I’m not so sure.



::passes out::

Other people’s thoughts: So far, one of the better ones:

bigfatsharks via Twitter: “I think a nice dark sky instead of a tree would sort it out, with the tree it kinda looks like he’s relieving himself, sorry!”

It’s truuuue, and it doesn’t help that his hands are supposed to be in his pockets, oi, he’s not takin’ a piss, though. I will make an attempt to gray out a sky and see how that looks.

EDIT: Here’s a fair grayscale version omitting the tree. There will be text on this page.

Picture 3

Something else to consider I suppose. It looks pretty different on here than on my actual photoshop, the grayscale in the back is made up of a bunch of fine lines, not visible as a png, I see.