I’ll start drawing this week, no TOMORROW, and work towards finishing chapter 1.  I’ll post a few pages here at some time, while I try to find a place to host. Like I said, I have an idea, so we’ll see.

I finally got my brush pen in the mail, it took what seemed like forever, so I tried it out.  It’s nice!

annie copyI fudged up on her eye. Oh wells, it will take a bit to get used to, it’s a little different than using a brush and ink because I don’t always have the full flow that I can control a bit better with an ink well.  It’s still fun to draw with, so I’m hoping it will work out.  As far as tones go, I’ll be sticking to simple tones by using the half tone tool.  I downloaded a bunch of tone but they always come out looking wonky and are littered with that wonderful thing they call moire.  So plain and simple.

Look for more updates as I go! Any suggestions would always be welcome.

Listening to: It’s Only Love- The Beatles