Yup, that’s Sue, she’s a co-worker (briefly) of Annie’s, and her first really close friend (aside from her cockroach living in her apartment).  She’s a fun character, her personality is that of two of my good friends from school, she’s got the crazy-frizzy hair of Marlena, and the attitude of Tina. They were always joined at the hip so it’s only natural they are morphed into one character.

I’ve been slacking…I need to do more thumbnails because I would like to start drawing this week.  I’m looking for a place to put it, as Smackjeeves hasn’t been pleasing me lately…

I’ll probably still mirror it there (since it’s where it started) and then send everyone over to wherever I happen to be posting it. I have one site in mind that I’m thinking of, and I hope it works out, as it’s one of the better sites I’ve seen.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to getting knee-deep in this project. It’s been one that I’ve been working on slowing since about…oh 2004. It’s gone through many, many stages and I’m hoping that this will be the last of those stages. ::fingers crossed::

Listening to: Cross-Eyed Mary- Jethro Tull