This was definitely the most frustrating evening I ever had.  This wasn’t recently obviously, since I haven’t worked more than four hours in a week! (Thank you, economy) I wouldn’t mind these dreams now, I suppose, maybe if I was getting paid during my dream.

So I went to bed late since I closed, and I had to open, I believe this was Christmas Eve.  Yeah, I didn’t have any dreams last night so I checked my records for a good one.  Records meaning memory, of course.  So I got home, tried my best to fall asleep as quickly as I could and when I finally did, I was dreaming I was working, then I had to wake up and GO to work.  What the hell is that?

Next time I’m supposed to work is…next Friday maybe? I’m on-call Father’s Day and Monday, who knows if they will need me.  I love how I’m on-call and I’m supposed to call two hours before my shift, but on Sunday no one will be there at 8. That makes no sense. I’ll have to call and figure that one out.  Maybe they will tell me to call the night before.

Not much new elsewhere, I went to Michaels today, the arts and crafts store, and stocked up on some blue pencils, woot.  I’m waiting for my pentel pen to come in the mail, so that I can start drawing.  Right now, though, I’ve been busy doing thumbnails.  Should be interesting.  Wish me luck!!

Listening to: Rockin’ the Suburbs- Ben Folds

Edit: Here is a quick sketch of Sydney, the ANtagonist. Fun.  She’s a bit scary.

sydneyHer eyes are TOO big, I’m trying to give my characters smaller eyes, that’s the only thing I’d like to fix on her.  That is all, I didn’t think I needed to post a whole separate post for this.