No dreams lately, at least none that would make sense as a comic.  I promised I would feature 4 followers from Twitter that would bring me up to 100, but as it turns out, the majority of them were bots! Woo. I’ll have to highlight my favorites though for my next post.  Anyway, I am KNEE-DEEP in scripts and thumbnails right now, the thumbnails are frustrating me, it’s mostly panel placement as usual.  I’m anxiously waiting for my Pentel pens to come in the mail so I can get drawing, hopefully I’ll have better luck this time.

So in the meantime, we have a tablet sketch that has been toned.

pinupYup, she doesn’t have a hand. No, no reason, I just didn’t feel like drawing it.

I’ve just been using different ways to tone, rather than downloading tones and using them, I’d rather just paint and use the halftone filter. (So much easier), but there isn’t a lot of depth.  I think I know the trick to that though.

Anyway, this isn’t anyone specific, but I’ve been working on a commission for a friend, a pin-up of one of his characters. So this was a sketch done in the process, although it looks nothing like his character. She’s out of proportion like, ¡ɐoɥʍ

I have a problem making my characters lips so pouty, they look like dumb college girls posing with a red cup in their hands. Someone teach me how to draw lips!

I think that is all I need to say at this point, I’m working hard on getting Positively Fourth Street up and running, and in the meantime, while I try to find a proper host for it, I’ll probably be posting it on smackjeeves, where I first started posting it.  I would like to find a site that is more open to comic styles other than ANIME! Not that I have anything against it, but over the years, I’ve developed my style, and anime it is not.

Wow, look at me ramble. OK. I’m going to work on the script I guess, or do some other sketches while I watch Frasier.

Listening to: Human Touch– Bruce Springsteen