Better late than never, eh? I couldn’t do my typical dream comics, as the most recent one wasn’t too cheery and bordered on disturbing. Anyway, this year, Comic Con was in February.  Paul and I went with three things in mind.

-Get Scott Pilgrim book 5

-Meet Aaron Douglas

-Get a new Munchkin Set

Out of those, we achieved 2! 2 of the more important ones, as we can always get Munchkin at book stores and game stores (though I’m not sure WHY comic con wouldn’t have it).

So one of the highlights was getting Scott Pilgrim book 5. I read it that day while sitting on the stairs.  Plus, I got to meet Bryan Lee O’Malley, whom I have rendered to not look anything like himself, and he signed my book (and actually spelled my name right, you wouldn’t believe how many people can’t spell Tara). For a big comic star, he’s actually human.  By human, I mean humble, I’m so used to comic creators being assholes. Thanks, O’Malley!

ALSO–I met Aaron Douglas, of Battlestar Galactica fame, he ALSO looks nothing like how I drew him (sorry). He was a sweetheart, too.  He signed my tag because I didn’t have enough money on me for a picture to sign, I should have gone back after I hit up an ATM, and I also got a picture with him!  He’s a lot more trim in person than in Battlestar, I suppose they want Chief to be a little stocky.

Anyway, lots of other things happened, we only spent a day there and that was all we needed.  Though next year, we plan on bringing snacks because we spend 9 dollars on a cheesesteak that was only about 5 inches long.  We couldn’t even afford drinks. My friend Monica actually bought a drink but wound up spilling half of it on the floor.  Watered-down lemonade, yum.

9, 9 dollar, 9 dollar cheesesteak.

So that about wraps up Comic Con 2009, I’m really looking forward to next year.

Listening to: Perfect Day-Lou Reed