So much for the mundane dreams.  This is definitely ranked as one of my weirdest dreams.  So basically the whole dream was avoiding the jellyfish, for they would suck out our brains rendering us useless and feeble. I remember at one point being in a video store, and I saw someone I haven’t seen in years, Ali, and she was just wandering around. We were talking as she hadn’t lost her brain, yet.  I warned her to stay away from the door because when it opens they may catch you.  She didn’t heed my warning, no sir, and she was left without a brain.

I wish I could remember how it ended, whether everyone got the brains back, I’m not sure.  I do know that whatever I ate before I went to bed is something I should avoid from now on.  Now if I could only remember what that was!

The other dream I had was very vague, and there were some students from my college, and students from my high school days.  Regardless, it was snowing, and I was wearing heels, everyone then yelled at me for wearing heels in the snow. I was waiting for someone to pick me up and whenever I kept looking at the parking lot (of a school I’ve never been to) cars kept disappearing.  There was a red car left, a pick-up truck, and a broad person approached me.  Then I woke up. ::shrug::  AHH haha, so I just saw a red pick-up truck drive up the road. Funny, funny.

I’m house-sitting right now, I’m waiting for the rain to start.

Listening to: Silly Love Songs– Paul McCartney