simpleanniesketchThis is a rough ROUGH sketch of Annie, the protagonist of Positively Fourth Street, an attempt at a longer story turned comic.  I usually do these sketches to get some basic details, such as hair styles, demeanors, and so on.  Annie is fairly shy, naive, and artsy.  The story involved is fairly overdramatic, but then again, what isn’t these days.  Annie is trying her best to move to the big city, make some money, and attend the art school of her dreams.  After many failed part-time jobs, she finds herself being succumbed  to a job as a housekeeper, for fairly successful individuals.


This project is going to be pretty big…bigger than anything I’ve worked on.  I will be using the same coloring style as I’ve been doing for my journal comics, yes, they are going to be in FULL COLOR. UGH. Why would I do that to myself?  Also, speaking of color, another big project is underway, involving Paul as the writer and myself as the artist.  More news on that little collab is coming soon.


Anyway, that’s about it for now, enjoy this tiny little sneak peak.  I’m working on a site here on wordpress as well as mirroring the comic on Smackjeeves, a fairly good webcomic host.