..and people call me a tree hugger.

It’s all well and good until people break out the axes and saws. I don’t recall whether or not I was cut down fully, but I do remember those first couple of strikes hurt.  I woke up with a charley horse in my calf.  This was probably one of the more realistic dreams I’ve had, feeling the breeze and the sun and hearing the birds (which were actually outside my window).  It’s funny how noises outside or inside, for that matter, can actually make their way into your dream.  That happens to me more often than not.

So next time your driving and see some guy with a chainsaw to a tree, honk your horn so loud he loses control and cuts off his arm, then see how he feels. No, really don’t do that.  That’s just my inner hippie talking.

On another note, in the real world, I started working again.  I work at a clothing store by the name of NY&Co. Good store, good people, and I actually found out today that I work with someone who goes to my school, and I’ve never seen her. Crazy–no, ironic, my school is small as hell and in another state, the odds are slim.

Oh, and starting Friday, I will be house/cat-sitting for my brother for about a week.  So expect a lot of updates, mostly about cats and stink bugs.  They are good comic fodder, the cats not the stink bugs, well I guess they could make an interesting comic, depends on what they do to me.  I will also be working on the sooper dooper secret project with the Boyfriend. (hint: it’s a comic.)

That being said, I think it’s time to try to sleep, it’s 12:30 and I just finished my coffee? That’s…not so smart…but…it’s…so gooooooood.


Listening to: The Moody Blues– Candle of Life