When your weapon only works at point-blank…and even then it’s a long shot.  I didn’t even have a bow! Oi.

So watching my boyfriend play Oblivion has found its way into my subconscious.  He got out of the Shivering Isles fast because he felt he wasn’t ready to begin with, and I’ll agree it’s a pretty freaky place.

All I remember from this dream was that I was walking around, avoiding every moving object because I obviously had no chance against them.  I managed to kill a few small creatures making trouble, but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t get past the enormous “thing” in the water blocking my way.  I woke up before it could kill me. yes.

Actually, I think I actually stole that weapon from someone else. They had just shot something, the arrow then broke, so I stole the part that could do the most damage. I suppose it could have been worse, I could have been stuck with the tail end of the arrow.

All in all, I really do enjoy the game, although I’ve never been in control, I’m always the one to point out danger ahead (before the creepy music starts!), and I’m sure my Pauly appreciates that.

In other news, non dream news, we, as in my family, adopted a puppy.  His name is Mason and currently he has a fever! We gave him lots of water, and he’s been drinking so that’s always a good sign.  Hopefully he’ll be better by the morning, because if he is not, we will be bringing him to the vet.  He’s a sweetie, a little rambunctious, but he’s a puppy still–have a look see. Also, here is my little Chew, too.  He’s still getting accustomed to the new guy.

Well, now it’s time to hit the hay, I’m exhausted.  It’s been such a crappy day, I only hope tomorrow is better.