Hmm. Somehow, somewhere, at some point, my style kind of morphed into a Scott Pilgrim/Mickey Mouse Hybrid… my apologies! 

I’d say this is probably one of the most common dreams among women of all ages.  Who knows, maybe even men.


This one was especially real and I didn’t think I was dreaming so when I woke up I was expecting to be pregnant.  Unfortunately when I woke up and put my hand on my stomach I was alerted because of one of my pillows that was placed over my stomach.  Whew, I nearly gave myself a heart attack.  Not that being preggers is a bad thing, I’m just no where near ready for it.


Oddly enough, I had a dream a few days later that I gave birth…( I wasn’t going to draw that), it was really funny actually.  I had a baby and his name was Sam. He had a shocking resemblance to my Pauly, beard and all.