Started a new project in my digital illustration class.  In Illustrator–


I have really not much experience with Illustrator so I was seeing how well one can draw on it.  Not too well.  It was a little annoying at first but I definitely got the hang of it.  I don’t know who this is, but there she is.  I haven’t used a mouse to draw in SO LONG.  It felt weird, but it came back.  My teacher said she looked very Picasso, which I will take as a compliment.  A mighty big one at that. Hmm.  My thoughts on illustrator are kind of twisted at the moment.  While I like some features I don’t like the others–I’m very much a Photoshop oriented person.


Sticking with the theme, of dreams, I had one last night, but I can’t remember it! That’s good…. expect another dream to be uploaded later today after my exam! Woo.