This is a dream I had about a year ago, 10 months ago to be precise. 

This is only what I could remember, which turns out to be a lot but apparently not enough for this dream to actually make some sense.

“It starts off that there is a big group of people (myself included along with my roommate and family members) within minutes, we are split into groups called ‘the white gloves’ and respectively ‘the black gloves’. I was in the white gloves, because well I, along with a whole bunch of others, were wearing white gloves. The black gloves, obviously were wearing black gloves, although there was some red on them. The point of this? All the black gloves are supposed to kill all the white gloves. How fortunate for me.

So I start off on my own, after I realize that my sister is a black glove and she’s out to get me along with a group of black gloves. So I find my house, which is not really my house, but is my house in the dream (get it?) and I’m trying to find a place that no one would think to look, so I went through the laundry room and into this little room between the laundry room and a bathroom and I decide to hide in there so they will pass it by. Though of course, since it is my house, my sister would know where all the hiding places are. So she and this other guy find me and I scramble to get away (and I do) and as I’m running out of the house I ran into this man, who looked like one of my teachers from high school, and he was wearing the black gloves, so I hesitated and he just looked at me and let me go. (Thank goodness) so I’m running along, and I get caught (how anti climactic) so I’m brought before the black gloves along with the other white gloves that were caught.

They are busy trying to find was to kill us and finally settle on a way, though each murder was different. They decide in my case that they are going to knock me out with some kind of gas (which was funny when they set off the gas some didn’t get out of the way and got knocked out themselves) so I’m all wobbly and I fall on the ground. Then they will decide which is the best way for me to be killed. (How merciful they are…) Fortunately, I woke up before they could decide and there was a girl standing over me so I take my arm and whack her upside the head and she’s down. So I take her hair and force her down face first to the ground, grinding one side of her face into the payment. I soon after apologized to her and she says “that’s OK, I would have done the same thing” (weird) 

So after that incident I slipped away from the crowd along with a few others, including my roommate. So we find this woman parked with her mini-van and we decide to hitch a ride. She was a blonde woman with two kids. With her was an african woman, named Glenda, who we soon found out was a white glove. So the woman decides to take us to McDonald’s. (Yeah, that’s pretty random, but according to Matt Jones, Ronald was part of the neutrals, the yellow gloves) So we went there as a safe haven. So we were eating trefoil shaped burgers. We finished and then we had the bright idea to go back to the black glove meeting place so we could spy on them. We decided it would be best to dress in their attire so we stole a few outfits from their closet and got dressed. Their outfits included spandex biking shorts, a frumpy top with a belt, black gloves of course, a pink collar/choker thing, and black shoes with ties on them. So we are behind the wall of the meeting which is outside and on our side is the beach. So we are walking along the beach listening to their conversation when someone spots us and is certain that we are not black gloves.

So now we are on the run. I get an idea and take out my phone and call 911 and tell them that people are being murdered and they need to send in reinforcements to take them down. So as we are running and the black gloves are behind us we decide that we are far enough ahead of them that we are going to make a sharp turn and hide in someone’s shed. So when we get into the shed there’s this boy there that is wearing a cop’s uniform and he claims that he is the officer we sent for. He had a very weird name, like Horaito Hornblower. So the black gloves find us (don’t ask me how) but the officer comes to our rescue but is killed shortly after. :(

So we decide that we are going to fight back, so we take some tools from the shed, I had a long two sided spear and my roomie grabbed a weapon and was excited cause it looked like something out of her japanimation shows. Along with my mom and a few others we decide we are going to fight them off so we march down toward where the black gloves were and then, of course… I woke up.


Figures, as you can see, from the illustration above, that it doesn’t really end, and we really have no idea what happens… such is the dream world.