This dream was a bit foggy, I’m surprised I even remembered the Ghost’s name.  Trekkus, hm, and I wasn’t even watching Star Trek that night.  Also, Trekus, with one K, is a place.  Go figure.  Anyway, this is it.

I was at my parents’ house with my boyfriend, Paul.  We were a bit disgruntled because we kept hearing things.  It was getting close to bedtime and I was trying to get my dogs into the room with us so we could go to sleep.  Every time I put one dog in, and went out to get the other, the one I put in my room would be back in the kitchen.  We found out this was Trekkus, the soul of a young man who was killed in the house, many years prior, of course.  Trekkus wasn’t frightening, although I believe he was trying to be.  We basically dealt with it as best as we could.  While my parents, on the other hand, were completely the opposite and they wanted to leave ASAP.  Paul and I really don’t care about the situation but my parents insist that we leave the house.  

So we follow my parents out to this car, and these people are in it.  Well I should say, this person.  They are offering a ride to us.  My parents get in without thought but Paul and I remain hesitant and we decide to walk.  (See panel two, I think you’d agree with me.)

So, we are still at the house, my parents are gone and we find this woman and her child in our backyard.  We are convinced that this child doesn’t belong to her ( I have no idea why…) so we question her about it, as well as question the child.  (We asked him if he knew where is home was.) The women was enraged, took her son by the arm, and starting blabbing out Trekkus and how she thinks my MOM murdered him.  I know damn well that my mom didn’t kill Trekkus, but apparently this woman is on the rampage of her life, and says she’s going to the police to have my mother arrested for murder.

We go back into the house after this woman is gone and we find Trekkus.  He talks briefly and says that he knows that it wasn’t my mom who killed him.  Now that we have some solid proof, well, semi-solid…maybe not so solid at all, but nevertheless, Trekkus agrees to prove that it wasn’t my mom who killed him.

That is ALL I remember, but I did wake up to a thump in the room, and almost without hesitation, I immediately thought about Trekkus.  What’s funny is that my parents’ house really is haunted, not by Trekkus, but by one of my grandmothers. That is whole other story entirely.